FS: Black Mamiya 7 ll, with 65/4.0, panorama adapter (think I have most of the pieces), Polaroid back, and a couple of packets of Fuji film for the Polaroid back, and a neutral density filter for lens. The lens cap is a 3rd party lens cap, I cannot find the rear lens cap, and the sunshade is a 3rd party rubber sunshade.

Lens is perfectly clean: I have only one lens for the camera so the lens has been on the camera for the last 8 or 9 years. I bought the camera used from another member of this forum eons ago. The forum member also photographed my wedding almost 8 years ago.

Looking for $1,500.00 for the package, however, I will take all reasonable offers, or will trade the package for a Leica R 50/1.4 E55 (I am not foolish enough to think that my gear is worth a Leica R 50/1.4 E60).

Private email is [email protected]