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Thread: SOLD Leica M6 TTL (.85 - CLA'd last week!)

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    SOLD Leica M6 TTL (.85 - CLA'd last week!)

    Hi everyone,

    I most unfortunately need to sell my beloved Leica M6 TTL which I just this month. I bought it secondhand from the original owner and I just got it back last week from Youxin Ye after a CLA (of which I have the receipt).

    This camera is so smooth now, even Youxin was surprised upon finishing it. I brought it to him in person as I live in Boston to make sure I could monitor the process for utmost quality work


    • Adjusted the shutter speeds to essentially perfect timing
    • The rangefinder/viewfinder was completely cleaned and brightened up
    • The rewind knob/components were completely reworked to have it run as smoothly as possible
    • Rangefinder vertical/horizontal alignment was also corrected to become perfectly aligned
    • The action on the film advance lever was also smoothed out so much through Youxin's CLA

    The camera's serial number is #24799xx, which puts the manufacturing date in the final batch of M6 TTLs produced, 1999. I've only shot a few rolls with the camera, and everything is working properly. Youxin verified that the meter is correctly exposing the images and told me the camera "feels like a real M". The past owner bought the camera in 2005 as new old stock, so the camera is actually fairly new. As you can see in the images, it comes with everything a brand new Leica M6 TTL would come with. I don't want to grade its condition but I would say its cosmetic appearance is "user". There are some rub and wear marks but the overall body is dent free - just take a look at the pictures for yourself!

    I am looking to get NET $1,350 SHIPPED priority w/insurance. The camera functions just like a brand new one should and you get the very desirable .85 viewfinder.

    Please act quickly and let me know if you have any questions! I am on "the bay" as 'audentia' with 100% feedback!


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    Re: FS: Leica M6 TTL (.85 - CLA'd last week!)

    BUMP - price lowered to $1350 Shipped (1350 net) within the US.

    International buyers let me know!

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    Re: FS: Leica M6 TTL (.85 - CLA'd last week!)

    BUMP, the camera is still available, buyer flaked...

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    Re: FS: Leica M6 TTL (.85 - CLA'd last week!)


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