Alright, a little bit of a fib here, I live in a high rise apartment - we don't have a yard.

Nikon 75-150 AI, cosmetics great, smooth focus, crisp aperture, no issues with blades or glass, a bit of lens creep typical to this model. $109.00

Nikon 20MM F4 Ai'd by John White. Very clean, good blades, smooth focus, no glass issues, a couple of inconsequential due specks. $249.00

Nikon 135 3.5 AI. Gorgeous. Very clean, good clean blades, smooth focus, clean glass, a few minor dust specks. $85.00

Pentax 645 80-160 A (manual focus) zoom. Rear cap, UV filter on front. Cosmetically beautiful, sharp, 9/10. $257.00

All prices firm and net. Inquire to [email protected], no PM please.

3-day return policy. If the lens isn't as described, send it back for a refund less shipping charges.

100% approval on the auction site for over 10 years (abouddweck)