Panasonic Lumix LX3
Selling a used LX3. Still works like a champ. Image quality is superb for a point & shoot (sensor is a bit larger than a normal point & shoot). The camera otherwise is in very good condition. There are NO scratches whatsoever on the lens (I baby my lenses). However, the body has a few scratches on the left side of the body (in picture) and the back LCD has a few minor scratches(also in pictures). These scratches are so insignificant, that they are only noticeable when the camera is off. when on, even on low power setting, the screen looks absolutly fine.
I never put a screen protector on the camera because I knew I would baby the camera. That said, it really is amazing the build quality of the LCD in this camera. It does not get scratched anywhere near as easy as any other camera I have had (canon, olympus...). Honestly, this has been one of my favorite cameras and in my opinion, one of the first real cameras I have owned. What is also nice about this camera is the build quality. It does not feel like a cheap polycarbonate camera that is pressed out of a machine. Instead it gives you a good solid metal feel which feels consistent throughout. Also, the battery life is still very very good. I have not noticed any drop in the nnumber of pictures I can take per charge. Pictures:

Honestly, if you are looking for a point and shoot camera for one of your kids or relatives and he/she has some desire to learn a thing or two about photography, there is no other camera I know better than this one. I honestly would have held onto this, but I believe it is time to move on to micro four thirds entirely. I found out that I enjoy more of a manual based photography, so I now use legacy glass on micro four thirds. And for my view on the LX5, the LX3 is about 90% the same. The only additional benefits the LX5 has over the LX3 would be the scroll wheel dial instead of the 4 way knob and the accessory electronic viewfinder port. otherwise, I dont feel the LX5 is that major of an upgrade from the LX3.
The camera, battery, charger, camera bag and the 8gb SDHC card are included in this sale.
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