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Thread: Kowa 66 Kit

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    Kowa 66 Kit

    I bought this a little while ago but haven't gotten the chance to use it because I've been playing around with other MF gear. It's just sitting in the box and not getting any love. Hopefully someone here can give it a good home. Kit comes with the following:

    Kowa Super-66 2 1/4 square SLR film camera with Kowa f2.8 85mm lens and eye level view finder. Includes one 12/24 back for 120 film, and instruction manual. Also Ambico hood/filter/mat box with 4 vignette mats (2 dark & 2 light), soft focus filter, and fog filter.

    Asking $300 shipped and paypal'ed. I can take some pictures if anyone is interested.

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    Re: Kowa 66 Kit

    if you're interested, i am also entertaining offers. ;D

    trade offers also welcome.

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