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Thread: Sony ZA24-70, 16mm fisheye, sigma 50mm

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    Sony ZA24-70, 16mm fisheye, sigma 50mm

    Item 1: Sony ZA 24-70mm f/2.8

    Overall in good condition. Mechanically perfect. No zoom creep. Comes with box and everything else.
    The rubber focus/zoom rings show obvious signs of use because it's known to collect dust. No scratches on either the glass or the lens body. Some vague rub marks on the barrel. Hood has one visible nick on one corner about 1mm in size. Other than that it's pretty clean.

    $1150 NET to me

    Item 2: Sony 16mm f/2.8 fisheye

    I'm the original owner. Bought it new as a refurbished item, i believe around May of this year, from Sony Style. It will come with the leather lens cover. Looks new and performs perfectly. No issues. No scratches. Selling to fund some other items I will be buying soon and also because I don't use it that much.

    $650 NET to me

    Item 3: Sigma 50mm f/1.4

    I'm the second owner. Have the box. Focuses perfectly on my a900 with zero adjustment. Body/glass/hood all look extremely clean. Selling because I need money and have pentax 50mm f1.2 and minolta f1.7 to cover the focal length.

    $350 NET to me

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    Re: Sony ZA24-70, 16mm fisheye, sigma 50mm


    I am interested in the Sigma 50/1.4. Send you an email.

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