I have a mint 35mm Summicron ASPH, non 6 bit coded. I have original leather case, matching serial number box, Hood, Caps etc... Chrome/Silver version.

I would like to trade for your 50mm Summilux ASPH, I will add cash... up to $1000 provide your lens is new. I prefer Chrome/Silver version.

The List price between them is $700 so that is a likely number I will add provide your lens is in similar condition.

Ok, maybe a $100 more if your lens have 6 bit coded I don't really need the coded but have to mention to be fair.

Anyway, I am flexible, if you have one and wants to trade please PM me with your offer.

I have 30+ Leica lens, I can add more lens into the deal too, just tell me what you need, maybe I can do something...