Two great G lenses that have seen little use from me. Both excellent!

$1750 24mm 1.4G Awesome wide angle. Perfect lens, with all papers, pouch, box, hood, lens cap, everything as new. I bought this lens new, so I have invoice (I do have to look it up)

Lens is tack sharp, beautiful bokeh, it's a star among the few, but alas, I must move on, I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it, so Leica invested goes the funds.

Buyer pays fees, or pays via alternative method preferred. Check, money order, wire transfer. Must be established member for these methods.

As far as sharp wide open, this is is unparalleled. Focus on edge of light @ 1.4, note dust in focus.

Pristine seller reputation FM, nikon Cafe, and Nikonians

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$1650 Nikon 85mm 1.4G - Lens is at least a 9.5 of 10. I'd list it as 10 of 10, except you may require fine focus adjustment for exact AF. I think it was +5 for me. Includes hood, caps, box, pouch, instructions, buyer 5 year protection papers, service papers in event service is required. USA lens.

Price is not above retail, as I see some doing with lenses that can't be found.
$1650 shipped. CONUS only

Pristine seller reputation FM, nikon cafe, and nikonians