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Thread: [FS/FT] Lumix DMC-L1 (body, maybe lens)

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    [FS/FT] Lumix DMC-L1 (body, maybe lens)

    Hi folks

    I have for sale a mint DMC-L1 body. I will get some quality pics up here soon (but it's what you see in any Google search). These actually seem to be going up in price on ebay and everywhere else. I have the box and everything it came with - cables, caps, etc. I'd like $250 shipped for the kit via PayPal.

    I am entirely new to this forum, but have considerable feedback at and ebay (under the same name). I was advised to pop over here for a sale given the rangefinder interest (not as common at mu-43). Thanks

    This is my second L1 body (and I'm keeping the other one). A fantastic feature to the L1 kit is the ability to use Konica film lenses without adapters on the L1 body. These look amazing and look fabulous photos (all manual of course). All it takes is a little work on the lens. Several people do this for a small fee on the internet (I do these myself, but I'm happy to set you up with a person who does it). I purchased a Konica 40mm (pancake) and a 57mm and modified them..Better quality photos than any $1000 Canon or Nikon I'm seeing.

    Here's a pic of the L1 body with the 40mm (as you can see, no adapter and a very clean look):

    P1070713.jpg by crashwins, on Flickr

    P1070712.jpg by crashwins, on Flickr

    P1070714.jpg by crashwins, on Flickr

    Taken with the 40mm Konica pancake (this is a ~$30 lens fyi)

    P1070126 by crashwins, on Flickr
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    Re: [FS/FT] Lumix DMC-L1 (body, maybe lens)

    Had a buyer, but he pulled out for lack of funds..Still up

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    Re: [FS/FT] Lumix DMC-L1 (body, maybe lens)


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