Panasonic Lumix LX-3 with Leica lens

Complete camera, cables, charger, accesories, box.

Also includes:
- automatic lens cap that opens when the camera turns on
- adapter to mount fliters / aux lenses (wide or telephoto or macro)
- I believe I have a second battery as well, and will check tonight (so for now, consider just one battery)

The camera is in very nice condition with a couple of small blemshes from gentle usage. There is a spot of dust on the sensor on top right side; it doesn't impact my photos, most of which are shot wide open to take advantage of the fast Leica lens and/or indoor low-light and/or have some sort of complex background. In bright daylight a photo of a clear blue sky at a smaller aperture will show the dust spot as a small blurred darker spot in the sky (like a small bird or nearby tiny flying insect. It has not affected my photos.

Due to the dust spot, I am selling the camera for:
$160 C$ EMT for Canada
$160 US$ Paypal for US
$160+shipment Paypal for other