I purchased this new from a dealer in April of 2011. I only used it a few times before my 35 summilux arrived, so it went back in the box and has been waiting to sell.

Includes everything you would get if you bought it new, inner and outer boxes, pouch, packing material, lens caps, booklet, etc...HOWEVER THE WARRANTY CARD WAS SENT IN...so there's no warranty card in the box.

No issues here - lens is super-clean and probably indistinguishable from new, I would say 9+ condition out of 10, just because someone probably could tell it's been handled and mounted on a camera.

I have lots of positive feedback on FM forums (same user name as here) and eBay, and have done a good number of transactions here as well. Price includes shipping in the lower 48 and we split the paypal fees.

These are going up to $1895 new in 2012, I assume used prices will go up as well.