Have far too many Porta Brace lens and misc-gear pouches than I am ever going to use, some time to clean closet. All are new - been sitting in storage.

A huge fan of PB cases, these pouches are the best I've ever used:

Lens pouches are nylon on inside, well padded, zippered lid, clear window on lid so can see what lens inside, color-coded tabs, velcro-friendly exterior (hook part of velcro will adhere to them), 'male' or hook velcro on back to secure pouch to inside of any PB case (or to anything velcro friendly) and velcro-lockable tab on rear for looping over belt, etc.

The pouches come in two sizes - 7" long and 4" long, the same diameter, and fit a wide cross-section of lenses. As example, an 85/1.4G, Mamiya 120/4 or Mamiya 150/2.8A as example will EASILY fit inside a 7" unit, with hoods, w/room to spare. A 58/1.4, 50 1/8G, 28/2.8 AiS, etc will do the same in a 4" - with room to spare. An SB-900 flash, with diffuser on, will also easily fit in a 7" lens pouch.

The misc gear pouches are identical to their lens brethren save the shape and window.

Links below - lens pouches (no assurance on tab colors - will be random)


Gear pouches/stuff sacks


This selection is BEING SOLD AS A COMPLETE KIT ONLY . If not sold, as complete kit, will keep. The 'kit' consists of:

Three (3) Large (7") lens pouches
Three (3) Small (4") lens pouches
One (1) Small (6") stuff sack
One (1) Med (9") stuff sack.

Total price, PP'd and shipped in NA by insured Canada Post NORMAL POST (buyer pays premium for faster) is US$145. If in Canada and pay by EMT, save 3%.

If someone wants to combine with the PB laptop folder and/or the Radio Popper PX kit I also have for sale on forum, we can obviously talk a combined shipping deal.

Email please