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Thread: Polaroid Sprintscan 120 scanner CLA’d (incl. Silverfast)

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    Polaroid Sprintscan 120 scanner CLA’d (incl. Silverfast)

    Due to an upcoming move I have to let this Polaroid Sprintscan 120 scanner go. This scanner is a professional level scanner for photographic film (35mm up to 6x9 negative format) that yields fantastic scans (maximum optical resolution: 4000 X 4000 dpi; 4.2 DMax), and performs at the same quality level as for example the Nikon LS-8000 or LS-9000. The Polaroid 120 scanner, however, uses a diffuse (Cold Cathode) light source so that scratches and dust are less visible on the scans than on standard scans made using Nikon or Minolta scanners, especially when scanning black and white film. The results are also much better than what one can achieve using “flatbed scanners” such as the Epson V750. The scanner can be connected to a PC or a Mac using a firewire or SCSI cable. It works on 110-220V power.

    I’m selling the scanner and the accessories mentioned below together for a fixed price of 735 Euro (~ 985 USD).

    The scanner is shipped including the following accessories:
    - Silverfast scan software. This software is much better than the standard Polaroid software and yields optimal results. Recommended! A new Silverfast license would already cost 398 Euro, but I’ll include it for free!
    - Custom made, high quality dust cover (made in the USA by Digital Deck Covers).
    - Anti-newton glass holder, which holds 35mm and 120 (up to 6x9) film strips absolutely flat. This already cost about 250 Euro new.
    - A 120 (medium format up to 6x9) film holder.
    - A holder for 35mm negative strips.
    - A holder voor 35mm slides.
    - Two test slides that can be used to make ICC-profiles.
    - Firewire cable.
    - Power cable (European type).
    - CD with Polaroid scan software and manuals.
    - Hardcopy of international quick start manual.

    Condition of the item:
    I am an amateur photographer and take great care of my equipment. Therefore, the scanner is in a great condition; it hardly has any signs of use and works perfectly. It was stored in a dust-free environment and under a custom-made dust cover. The scanner was completely CLA’d (serviced) by Polaroid in 2009. In the meantime I have only used the scanner a couple of times, so internally (including the sensor) it is in as-new condition.

    The scanner on the picture is my own. If needed, I can send a larger picture by e-mail.

    Payment and shipping:
    Registered, insured shipping from the Netherlands costs between 26 and 33 Euro for shipping within the EU (depending on the region) and 59 Euro for shipping outside the EU. (The box weighs around 10kg.)

    Paypal (buyer pays the fees) and bank transfer are accepted as payment methods.

    I have 690+ positive feedback ratings (100% positive) on eBay (ID: selmee):

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    Re: Polaroid Sprintscan 120 scanner CLA’d (incl. Silverfast)

    Sold, thanks.

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