Decided to buy a car and now I need to clean out the bookshelf for a down payment. All this gear is in super great shape this stuff, AI just don't use it as much as it deserves to be used and could have more fun in someone else's hands. I have years of perfect transactions under RFF and ebay. Let me know if you have any questions and more photos are available here:

503CX all black body no nicks or scratches front and rear body caps. WLF bright screen and Hasselblad wrist strap

80mm T* CF Ziess Planar 2.8 rear cap and 60/80 hood light wear on the bayonet mount, barrel is clean, optics are clean free of haze, fungus light dust on the front element because I am filterless on this and I don't wipe the glass.

4 black backs two A12 and two A24 the 24s are mint and the 12s are worn both twelves are matching SNs and one of the 24's is matching as well. I believe the other isn't but I cant be sure. I have to finish the roll in there at least 3 matching though and all 4 are light tight (I use them all) I have 19 roles of velvia 220, 6 rolls of plus x 220, and 1 roll of portra 220. All expired, but refrigerated. I've shot 20 rolls of the velvia and its spot on. Not sure on the BW but BW is pretty stable. E-6 expired in 2006 and BW in 2002.

All 220 film is included in the kit.


Leica M6 SN 24322xx
Late model classic M6 (1998) .72 VF clean and minty, no nicks or scratches, just light "brightening" on the edges. RF is perfect not much difference between this and my MP which is why this has to go. MP lever on it currently, I'll include the original on too. Let me know if you would like it swapped out before shipping (i have the correct tools to do this)


Leica 28mm Elmarit 2.8 ASPH 6 bit coded SN 40371xx Original box papers, leather case, hood both front caps rear cap perfect optics German Rodenstock UV filter always attached and included with the lens ($70 filter).