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Thread: Jobo ATL3 and other equipment for sale

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    Jobo ATL3 and other equipment for sale

    Manufacturer Item $3000.00 neg

    Jobo DuoSet 1501 $30.00

    Tank System 1500

    Varioformat Easel 1

    AutoLab ATL3 1 $750.00

    1510 1 $45.00
    1520 1 $50.00
    1520/1554 1 $100.00
    MultiTank 2551 1 $150.00
    2830/reel and stem 1 $180.00
    2840 1 $200.00
    2870/28/20 1 $220.00
    3006 1 $600.00
    3063 1 $600.00
    1000ml tanks 6 $75.00
    2000ml tanks 9 $150.00

    Powers Fotopanel 2 $400.00

    Drew Omni 16 Silver
    recovery System $400.00

    I have other equipment. Some other tanks ect. It is located
    on Long Island, NY by the Nassau/Suffolk boarder. The price
    is negotiable. Feel free to as questions. Thanks, k
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    Re: Jobo ATL3 and other equipment for sale

    I'm interested in your Drew Omni 16 unit. Can you tell me a bit about it.
    Is it in full working condition?
    How would you rate the condition of the unit?
    When was it last opperational?
    Can you please send me some photos of the unit?
    Particularly I would like to see a photo of the front panel with the unit plugged in so the LED digits are visible. Also a photo of the back panel (closeup), the interior of the processing containment area and a photo of the anodes and cathode.
    Martin Mavko

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    Re: Jobo ATL3 and other equipment for sale

    Hello Martin. it may be a few days. all of the equipment is at my brothers house. sorry for the delay regarding this, as it takes me a few minutes to get the messages here. are you local, as i really don't want to pay for S/H as the unit is not light. the last any of the equipment was use was atleast two years ago when the dark room was dis-assembled. do you have skype? it may be possible to show the unit live, or maybe i will just upload a video of the machine "starting up" i hope the weekend is enjoyable for you and yours, matt

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    Re: Jobo ATL3 and other equipment for sale

    Hey Matt
    Sorry I thought your reply would have alerted me by email otherwise I would have checked sooner.
    I'm not local. Unfortunately, I'm clear across the country in Vancouver Canada but get shipping done to Point Roberts Washington. Shipping shouldn't be a big problem. If you stretch wrap it from top to bottom so the lid is secure and tight and then drop it in a large moving box with a bunch of styro peanuts or bubble pack it will ship just fine.
    But, I would like to be sure its fully functional and in good shape first before we go forward. Were you running this unit yourself or did you come across it in a purchase?
    A video of it starting up and a view of the inside with the cathode and anode visible would be great.
    My email is [email protected] / phone 604-682-6000.
    Martin Mavko

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