Cosina Voigtlander Ultron Buy 35 / 1.7 (black) LTM screw mount

Cosina could say that without the extreme luminosity of a Nokton 35 / 1,2 or Summilux brutal clarity of Asp 35, is a good choice
for anyone looking for 35mm. relatively compact and light enough to be defended very well in all areas at an affordable price.

The copy I sell is in very good condition. Not the slightest mechanical problem. Focus rings smooth and precise.
No bumps or signs in the saddle. Minimal wear black paint in the grooves of the focus and aperture rings and the outer edge of the hood.
Front and rear lenses are spotless with no sign or antireflection coating on the friction. There is no trace of grease on the blades of the diaphragm and internal mold or moisture. If there is a speck of dust inside, which does not affect the images.
The objective has its rear cover, lens hood with screw cap and visor. I have no box, but instead included a leather bag (of objects. Contax, but it will as the Ultron 35).

Price: 250€ net to me.