FS: Canon 1D Mark III + RRS L-Bracket + 16- 35 f2.8 II + 580ex II flash (all like new under warranty)

Raising fund for my Leica stuff

1) The Canon 1D Mark III was purchased a couple month ago. This is a YELLOW DOT version (later than blue dot, with latest manufacturing parts and firmware.) It only has around 1500 shutter clicks on it. The camera is absolutely like new with box all contents from factory and some items are still in plastic wrap. The 1D3 does not have any nick or wear anywhere on the whole body. Actually it just looks no different to a brand new one. This is a US model with empty warranty card. I have not registered it on Canon yet (when we register do we get a $100 vocher from canon for future service?). Price $3500.

2) The RRS L-bracket for 1D3/1Ds3 is like new. A little very slight marks or use can be seen only if you look very closely. Brand new price is $200 after shipping. I am asking $150. If you buy the 1D Mark III listed above, add $100 then the RRS is yours.

3) The Canon 16-35 II f/2.8 is a little over half a year old and still have less than half year's warranty left on it. It's also absolutely like new. It looks and works no different to a brand new one. I was pleased by the photos it takes. Very nice and sharp copy. no scratch/wear/dust/ding/haze/fungus/etc. It has a 82mm B+W MRC UV filter on since day one. Everything is there including box/pouch/menu/foam/blank warranty card and also the boxes for the UV -- anything comes originally that you can think of. $1380 for the lens+UV.

4) The Canon 580ex II flash was bought about the same season as the 16-35. So it also has some canon warranty left. same condition same complete boxed whole set. Actually I also have a never touched brand new one. I will sell one of these two. $380 for the used one and $410 for the brand new one. whichever you pick I will keep the other one.

I will prefer to sell all as a bundle for $5300 postal money order or bank wire transfer. that's another $110-130 saving. I will pay the shipping. you can choose paypal then fees are on you.

I have good feedback both on FM and ebay (100% positive both places).

if there is any question, please feel free to email. thanks for looking.