For SL-lovers or SL-collectors, I have two Leicaflex SL's of which I want to let one go.

A) The Leicaflex SL mot in black is rare, 862 produced, was renovated at Leica in 2005 with new bottom plate, top plate, buttons, front plate, etc. - and has taken a bump on the house since (detailed photos can be sent).

B) The Leicaflex SL black is almost mint condition and with box. It has been unused till two years ago; then I got it and started beating it up ;-) However, as you know, those Leicaflex' are hard to ruin, and I'ved protected it with gaffa from the straps, etc. So it's in pretty good, close to mint condition.

I love both equally, but for different reasons. Asking price is 1,500 for any of them and I'm only selling one of them.

I'm also open for trade. Here's a few examples of what I might be interested in:
R: 180mm f/3.4, 180mm f/2, 19mm (II).
M: 75mm f/1.4 or f/2.0, 21mm f/2.8.