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Thread: SOLD: Leica M3 SS & 35 summilux v.1 - CLA (M3)

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    SOLD: Leica M3 SS & 35 summilux v.1 - CLA (M3)

    I have a Leica M3 serial number is over 1.1 million. It was CLA'd by Gus Lazzari in summer of 2011, the L-seal is intact, no dings or scratches or bright marks, cover is exceptionally clean. It's so clean it makes me think it might be replaced, but I don't have any evidence of that other than that it's so perfect. Bright, clear viewfinder, original spool, clean film plate, two sync caps.

    35 summilux v.1 chrome finish - a few marks on the aperture index that might or might not clean off (they look more like dirt than dings, but I haven't worked at cleaning them), a few small (very faint) hairline scratches on the body - only visible on close inspection, but I wanted to mention them. Has infinity lock. Super clean glass, both the lens and the eyes are really clean and clear. I have not had this CLA'd because it doesn't need it, but I don't know the provenance and what might have been done before I acquired it. Includes a yellow Leica Summarit filter and silver lens cap with Leica embossed, also includes what I believe is a non-original Leica end cap. Black crinkle finish on the goggles is showing silver in a few spots (at the sharper edges - pretty normal for lenses of this vintage). I looked at a lot of 35 Luxes before buying this and this was the cleanest I ever saw. No oil on the blades, no hazing/fog.

    $xxxx for the set.

    I don't have boxes for either item. Will give preference to people buying the set.

    If you don't have an established history of positive feedback on this forum, I may require payment by gift option, I can provide many references who have purchased expensive Leica gear from me via gift. Payment by gift deduct 1.5%.

    Price includes insured shipping in the lower 48, we split any paypal fees. Deduct 1.5% if paying by gift option. Open to reasonable offers.
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    Re: Leica M3 SS & 35 summilux v.1 - CLA (M3)

    Someone emailed to ask how the M3 could be CLA'd and still have the L-seal intact. Gus Lazzari is the guy who can do this. I found him through a reference on Ken Rockwell's site:

    Scroll down to where it says "east coast" and read about Gus. Thank you to the member who asked about this and reminded me that it might not be obvious to everyone how such a thing is possible.

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    Re: SOLD: Leica M3 SS & 35 summilux v.1 - CLA (M3)

    Camera and lens are both sold.

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