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Nikon 45mm 2.8p lens in silver in excellent condition. No marks on the glass or barrels, but there are some very slight marks on the front cap. Comes with the lens, silver front cap, and gray back cap. $335 shipped (paypal included too)

Technical Specifications for MF-Nikkor 45mm f/2.8P Standard Lens

Focal length: 45mm

Lens Type:- Standard lens with built-in CPU, Ai-S

Maximum/Minimum aperture: f/2.8 / f/22

Optical construction: 4 elements in 3 groups (TESSAR)

Depth of Field Scales:- f/22 (orange); f/16 (blue) and f/8.0 (yellow)

Infra Index: provided by a red dot.

Picture angle: 50