Up for sale is a Canon nFD 70-210mm f/4.0 lens with close focus ability at 70mm and some accessories. Selling because I bought an Panasonic 45-200mm lens for telephoto and extension tube for macro on a different lens. I've basically used it only once or twice.

Items in the set are below. I'd like $60 (including shipping and PayPal fees).

  • Canon nFD 70-210mm lens
    • Condition is very good, with only a few minor cosmetic knicks here and there
    • Focus mechanism is smooth
    • Aperture blades are oil-free
    • Internal lens elements look clean, but the front element has a few dust speck-sized points where the coating seems to have some wear (should not affect image quality)
  • Canon 58mm UV Haze filter + third party storage case
  • eBay 58-55 and 58-52 metal step-down rings
  • LowePro Lens Case 2
  • eBay tripod mount ring A (W)

Priced separately from the above is a Canon FD-to-Micro Four Thirds adapter by CirrusAdapter. It's very nicely made and is a good fit with the tripod mount. However, I'd like to hold onto it for future legacy lenses unless selling the adapter helps sell the lens. Asking $25 on top of the 70-210mm.

Photos of lens:

Photos of the adapter and tripod mount: