to make my new custom camera, I'm selling my custom cam.

It is like capture group TRUE WIDE, but this cam is very small and can handheld shot.
Item includes,
cusom cam using copal press shutter , perfect tuning for 49x37mm digital back, focus is accurate for infinity
NIKON 18-35ED like New condition.
cable release

Only need your H-mount digital back.
I've tested my Hasselblad CF-back, Leaf aptus, Phase one P45+ (needs mini cable)

It can full image covered 39MP back from focal length 20mm to 30mm. It equivalent 15mm~21mm to 35mm Full frame DSLR.
Very GOOD image quality even edges.
I've taken many commercial pictures from this cam like International Airport, Interior shots.

Optical viewfinder is not included.

US$1500 net to me.

If you use PC nikkor lens, You can some movements with this cam.