Just upgraded to a new Mac Pro and I am ready to sell the previous one:

- Early 2008 Model (3,1)
- 3.2 GHz Dual Quad Core (8 Cores)
- 16 GB RAM - memory purchased from OWC
- Original Nvidia 8800GT video card
- Two Optical Drives (DVD/RW's); stock, came this way
- Apple installed Airport Extreme & Bluetooth Card
- 500 GB original Apple hard-drive
- Original manual and restore disks
- Re-installing OS & Apps, believe it is 10.5.8
- Original box and packaging
- Apple full size keyboard (silver, aluminum type) and Apple mouse

This was an Apple refurb and I have used it for ~3 years. It been absolutely problem free and a rock solid machine. It is very quiet and the fans do not ramp with mouse movement (some prior models did this, as well as some later ones - very annoying). The 8800GT card was driving an Apple 30". My new machine is Dual 6-core at 2.66 GHz, and the 8-core feels just as fast. The only time I'm noticing a speed difference is when outputting things like 16-bit TIFFs from Capture One (from a P65+). The memory is the expensive stuff and cost around $700. It has the heat sinks on each stick.

The case is in new condition and I cleaned the machine with canned air every 3-4 months. At one point I had 4 hard drives installed and it still ran very quiet and managed the added heat load very efficiently.

Currently the machine is running 10.7.3 without issue. The OS will be restored to the stock OS and any other apps that come as part of the Apple restore DVD's. No other software is being included (ie - no Photoshop, no Microsoft Office, etc). The Airport N card works as it should with the Airport N Base Station (Dual Mode). This is the only WiFi base station I have used with this computer.

Due to the size and weight, this is a US sale only. Hawaii & Alaska may have to pay some added shipping (particularly Hawaii). The shipping weight is around 45 pounds. Price is $2500 shipped and paypal'd. NOTE - the price INCLUDES paypal and shipping.

I also have a Nvidia GT120 which can be included. This card has the newer Apple mini-display port (whatever they call it); not Thunderbolt. The buyer can have this card $50 more. If anybody else wants it, $75. It was purchased new from Apple and comes with its box, etc.