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VISOFLEX II system, consisting of 16455J mount (boxed) and 16460 T prism (boxed) plus focus mount 16462 (boxed) for the above 135/2.8 Elmarit(-M) [and older 90mm Summicron] heads and an OUAGO focus mount for the 90/4.0 Elmar head. The VISOFLEX II will work with all "classic"-shaped Leica M bodies but not with the M6TTL, M7 (and most probably also not with the M8, M8.2, M9) because of the increased body height. The 16460 prism has some missing vulcanit on the lower side, not visible when mounted onto the camera. Ground-glass, mirror and prism optics are clear and free from fungus. The mirror-release is adjustable with a set-screw so can be easily adjusted to the shutter-button of the M-Leica.

All these parts come without any caps !

Asking prices:

16455J mount + 16460T prism = US$220

16462 focus mount for 135/2.8 Elmarit-M = US$150

OUAGO focus mount for 90/4.0 Elmar = US$90

ASKING PRICE for the complete set is US$ US$450


Leitz Hektor 135/4.5 in LTM (screwmount). A very fine lens that I bought last year from a member at RFF. Focus is smooth, aperture stops firm. I could not detect any signs of fungus or haze, some very faint cleaning marks on the front. There is a piece of vulcanit missing on the barrel.

This lens comes only with a E39 UVa filter, NO CAPS (Sorry !)



Leitz series vii adapter ring 14161 to mount series vii filter onto the older version of the 135/2.8 Elmarit lens. Usually this ring belongs to the lens but many are sold without the adapter ring so filter can`t be used.



I accept PAYPAL (FEES INCLUDED IN THE PRICE) and will ship with Japan Post EMS (with tracking and insurance). SHIPPING COSTS INCLUDED !. All sales are final, please ask questions before committing to buy. Buyer is responsible for any import fees / tax !

At the moment I won`t entertain any trade offers.