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Thread: WTB:Leica R, FS/T CV SL /Mamiya

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    WTB:Leica R, FS/T CV SL /Mamiya

    Since no longer moving to Nikon, posted a WTB re: an 80 Lux, but if anyone is thinking of shedding a 35/2 or 90 AA R to put aside some pesos for an S2 drop me a line.

    As an FYI, a couple of mint units I MAY be shedding, if anyone has a particular interest, depending how search goes are:

    CV 90/3.5 APO SL + (rare) square hood
    CV 180/4 APO SL + (rare) square hood
    Mamiya 200/2.8 APO (though have party interested already)

    Shipping to Canada. Payment by Paypal.

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    Re: WTB:Leica R, FS/T CV SL /Mamiya

    Might have a R 80 for sale.

    I sent a PM.

    I also might have the following for sale:

    R 21 f:4
    50 Summicron new in box with ROM
    50 Summilux 3 Cam
    80 Summilux 3 Cam
    100 APO Macro + the 1.1 adapter.

    All equipped with Haoda adapters.

    I will know in a couple of days.

    I have plenty of references from Rangefinderforum and Leica user forum.

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    Re: WTB:Leica R, FS/T CV SL /Mamiya

    Thought I'd give an update for any interested parties (on either side of a deal);

    35/2 & 90AA

    Still pondering:
    A couple of the following: 19 V2, 180/2.8 APO, 105-280/4.2, 35-70/4 and (the oddball of the mix) Mamiya 300/2.8 APO (must have all filters, hood). A right-priced 'user' 80 Lux might also find a home, but as much as love the 80, need to justify the overlap with the 90AA.

    For Sale:
    CV 180/4 APO Ais + (rare) square hood. NEW. $475 shipped in NA (global ok, buyer pays difference) +3% paypal if used. Hood alone, if you can find one, is $100-125. Not as rare as 125/2.5 Lanthar or 90/3.5, but getting there. Pocketable, super sharp, well corrected with buttery bokeh. Email for pics.

    Upcoming for sale (or for trade). If 90AA checks out and I can find a replacement in the 180mm+ range:
    - CV 90/3.5 AiS + (rare) square hood + custom encoded Nikon-AiS adapter. Like New. All OEM stuff included. Sick sharp, pocketable and well-corrected lens. Lens is becoming a collectors item. Price TBA

    - Mamiya 200/2.8 APO. LN. Former Guy Mancuso lens. Caps, pull-out hood, no box, no hood extender (available at KEH for $39). Hell of a lens and reluctant to part with it, but ergonomically a better fit on a 645 body. I shoot it using a 1Ds2 and if you shoot Mamiya (or Mamiya capable w/ stop-down), I can't see how this lens isn't a must have. Price TBA


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