Hi everyone.
I heard this forum from a friend of me and I'm here to sale some of my lens to raise money upgrade my gears.

The first one is a canon 135mm f2 L lens. I bought it on adorama three month ago. It has some sketches on the body, but glass is great. Comes with the caps. Sorry I can't locate the box but I'll try my best to find that. Asking price is $800 shipped.
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The second one is a Cral Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZE mount for Canon, I bought it one year ago from adorama. It is a great lens, solid body and perfect glass, comes with everything like new. Asking price is $600 shipped.
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The last one is a sigma 12-24 version 1. I wanna switch to a Ts-e so I have to let it go. A ultra wide angle lens, but I do not have the box and cases because KEH didn't give me them. No sketches, super clean. Asking price $525 shipped
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I could leave my phone number to any serious buyer and I hope could hear you soon.