The Novatron D1000 3-Light Kit W/Solid Case (120VAC) is for sale.

A single 1000Ws flash pack with 3 head outlets, 3 flash heads, 3 white umbrellas (43" each), 3 light stands, and a solid carrying case give you a complete lighting outfit, ready to roll. The D1000 power pack recycles in under 3 seconds at full power, with power variability of 4 f-stops. Each flash head has a plug-in flash tube, a 100W modeling lamp and a 15' or 25' head cable. This kit is supplied for use with 120VAC.

Product Highlights

1000Ws Total Output
3 Flash Heads W/100W Modeling Lights
3 Light Stands (10')
2 White 43" Umbrellas
Soft Wheeled Carrying Case

Product is similar like, except Carrying Case is solid.

This set was hardly used and is in mint condition since I mostly use Novatron M600 Monolights.

Asking Price: $975.00 [B&H Retail: 1,374.95]

The item is located in Fremont, California.