These packs have lived a life of honor, they are the Navy Seals of strobe packs. The first pack was injured back in the 90s I suppose, here is the status report: all power ratios, A+B, sockets, modeling light works. Ready light/beep does not work. Handle has been pushed into housing top causing minor cosmetic damage. A brave warrior.... The second pack is in similar good operating condition but without the dents, it is just a wee bit soiled. Both have a lot of tape residue and Velcro remnants for decoration. Rubber pads on the bottom (cheap stick-on bumpers) are missing or crooked. No power cords but they are readily available at the hardware store (computer/appliance type plugs).

$225 for the dented one. $275 for the pretty boy. $445 for both. Includes UPS Ground and PayPal fees in the USA. Foreigners with their metrosexual DC power aren't tough enough for these but I'll make an exception for our Canadian brothers and only charge an extra $30 for frigid duty.