Selling glass to buy more glass

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Nikon 75-150/3.5 E $125 includes original Nikon front/end lens caps, original Nikon (albeit worn out) case. For those who are curious about the zoom creep "feature" of this lens...check out the video here

Nikon 105/2.5 AIS $225 The version with the built-in, slide-out hood. Includes
original Nikon front/end lens caps.

Nikon 28/2 AI'd $250 AI'd by Rarely used since I got the Zeiss/2 some time last year. It has the original Nippon Kogaku front/end lens caps. This is the all-metal but very little braising.

Nikon 55/3.5 AI'd $75 AI'd by One of the highest-rated micro lenses but the focal length didn't warm up to me. Nikon front cap, generic rear lens cap.

Nikon 50/2 AI $75 Surprisingly sharp. But I have waaaayy too many 50mm's.. Image comparison here

High resolution photos can be found here.