This is my first time selling here in DPI, hopefully everything goes well. If you need references, let me know.

I have here for sale is an almost MINT condition Voitlandger Nokton 35 1.4. Do note that this is the single coat version that is highly desired for BW photography. I have bought the lens from my local distributor for a friend but he backed out and thus the sale. The lens has only been out of the box for testing in my residence and there is no signs of use at all. It comes with the LH-6 hood and a Kipon M to NEX adapter.

The lens still has 10 months warranty left. If you would like to utilize it, I am more than happy to bring it in for repair, but you have to bear all freight charges.

Total value when you buy new from Camera Quest:

Lens - $629
LH-6 Hood - $69
Kipon Adapter - $80 - from eBay

Total: 778 without shipping.


You can now have the set for USD$650 including shipping from Singapore.

I accept Paypal and I'll absorb any charges. You pay USD $650 nett.

If you have any queries please feel free to drop me an email @ [email protected].