For sale in mint condition. Comes with original packaging.

Profoto Acute 1200 with three(3) D4 heads and reflector. ($3000)

I am also selling:
Profoto Acute2 D4 Ringlight $700
Profoto Beauty Dish (White Softlight Reflector - 20.5") $300
Profoto 4 Leaf Barndoor Set with Grid Holder for Profoto Zoom Reflector $180
Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox, White - Medium- 36x48" $225
Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox, White Interior for Flash Only - Small - 24x32" $150
Chimera Speed Ring for Profoto Flash $100 (I have two of these)

I would prefer local pickup in NJ or meetup in NYC.

Email me if you need more info at [email protected]