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Thread: Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

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    H4D40 Kit

    Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

    I have a Hasselblad H4D40 prefect condition, with the following Hasselblad HC Autofocus lenses for sale. I will only sell as a complete kit, in the USA. I can accept credit cards via paypal and am a reputable photographer. I am not using the system much lately and it is time to sell this amazing setup.
    H4D40 Body w/80mm lens
    300 mm lens
    28mm lens
    35mm lens
    50-110 lens
    120 mm macro
    1.7 teleconverter
    RRS L bracket for H4D

    REtail value from B&H is $47,055. I will sell compete setup for $33,000. I can email photos of all equipment and provide more details to serious buyers only in the USA. You can email me at [email protected]. I can also arrange in-person delivery to buyer along with training session.

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    Re: Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

    So, the poster's whole membership, and the email address attached to it are based upon this kit that's being offered for sale in the member's first post?

    Bold move.

    Welcome and good luck with your sale.

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    H4D40 Kit

    Re: Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

    Authenticity of this post is a valid concern. I am trying to protect myself from trolls and people who want to waste my time and are not valid buyers. I can provide all receipts for items and verify validity of this post via email listed in the post. I encourage anyone truly interested to email me and we can go from there. I assume anyone with the technical expertise to use this system also has the ability to determine if it is a valid post through communication via email and phone.

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    Re: Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

    Just a suggestion for you, pricing and selling the kit as individual/separate items might work better for you.


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    H4D40 Kit

    Re: Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

    OK I will sell each item individually from the kit. I will list prices soon, for now just assume I will sell lenses for 80% of retail on b&h, and body kit with 80mm for 13k. Please email me directly at [email protected]. Will be listing on ebay later today so act soon if you would like anything before it goes on ebay. Can provide pictures and actuations via email.

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    H4D40 Kit

    Re: Hasselblad H4-D 40 Dream Kit for sale

    I have decided it is better to break up the Kit and sell the items individually. Here is what I have and the prices. I can take a credit card since I own a storefront studio. I will follow up with serious buyers only via email - I can be reached at [email protected]. Here are the items and the prices I am asking. Prices are fair and firm, no haggling.

    H4D40 Body w/80mm lens, charger, 4 batteries, $12,000 - 4687 actuations
    300 mm lens - $3890 - 9938 actuations
    28mm lens - $3970 - 6566 actuations
    35mm lens - $3290 - 7710 actuations
    50-110 lens - $3900 - 21,340 actuations
    120 mm macro - 3820 - 2008 actuations
    1.7 teleconverter - $1110
    Buyer pays shipping and insurance within USA only.

    These are great deals. I will provide my contact info via email to interested serious buyers and can email pictures of all items in their original boxes. H4D 40 kit is in mint condition and all lenses are in excellent condition with perfect glass.

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