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Thread: 35mm f2 ZM Zeiss Biogon for Leica M

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    35mm f2 ZM Zeiss Biogon for Leica M

    Selling my Carl Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2, in Silver.

    This is by far the best lens i've used for characteristics and that 3D effect, I cannot think of a better lens for the price for image quality at wide open, stopped down, or any situation.

    Why am I selling it you ask?
    Zeiss Wobble.

    Yes, it has a mild case of Zeiss wobble.
    It may of just begun, or the cold weather must've shielded it until the warmer weather came.. but there is some in there and i'm just not going to risk it getting worse, I use it too much to do so.

    The wobble isn't even measurable by the eye, you can feel it though if you hold the front of the lens, and the rear mount, and give it a jiggle you can feel some deflection there, I can't even describe it in a numerical measurement. Sometimes if you focus the movement may be rough and have a bit of a hop to it, or rather, a sound. It's tough to describe, but most of the time it's smooth. The stiffness is good, and sometimes it gets loose and stiff again.

    If you are one who has the time to get it fixed, it's an amazing lens, i'm selling it at a competitive price for those who want to just shoot and those things not worry about them, or fix it, or know how to!

    The glass is clean, no marks, maybe some surface dust.

    I don't see any dust on the inside.

    It was used exclusively with a B W UV/IR filter at all times and a hood.

    It's my primary lens (only lens right now), and I cannot stand the downtime, even if it's only a week. I love this lens so much i'm just going to go buy a black one, locally. I think I prefer the black look I think now.

    Price: SOLD
    Shipping and PayPal is included in the price for CONUS. International please contact me first.

    Shipping will be done via USPS Priority Insured.
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