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Thread: SOLD--Zeiss 50 f2 Planar ZM (6-bit coded)

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    SOLD--Zeiss 50 f2 Planar ZM (6-bit coded)

    FS Zeiss 50 f2 Planar ZM (6-bit coded)

    Price includes Paypal fee and shipping to ConUS.

    This lens is returned to me by the previous buyer. It has no wobble (front element secured completely), but has a slight play in the focussing helicoid which makes it a little too easy to focus for some people. It is also mentioned to have a speck larger than dust in the rear element (see picture) and mark on the rear coating.

    Body is pristine and glass is free from cleaning marks, scratches, fungus, haze.

    None of these deficiencies affect the performance and image quality, all photos on this link were taken with this lens and my M7, no retouching! only scan & upload: Sample pics
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    re: SOLD--Zeiss 50 f2 Planar ZM (6-bit coded)


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