Leica MP LHSA complete Hammertone Set: MP Camera, Leicavit, 35mm Lens

Leica MP Hammertone Camera, Hammertone Leicavit, 'retro' style Chrome 35mm Summicron ASPH lens with Hammertone lens hood

In 2003 the Leica Historical Society of America commissioned a Limited Edition Leica MP camera/Leicavit/35mm Summicron ASPH lens Set to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Society.

The camera is finished in a grey Hammertone Paint with the traditional style top 'Leica' / model/serial number / 'Leica Camera AG Solms Germany' engravings, and 'LHSA [logo] Special Edition 1968-2003' engravings on the Body/Leicavit/Lens.

Beautifully executed, gorgeous to look at with its grey Hammertone top and bottom plate (and Leicavit) and Chrome parts, its one of the ultimate Leicas to have for use or to collect.

The special chrome 35mm Summicron ASPH is unique. A 'retro' design reminiscent of the first version 35mm Summicron. Built with a brass mount and chrome plated. A very 'solid' well-made feel. Aperture ring design is easy to use, very smooth with positive stop and half stop clicks, focus is beautifully smooth and dampened, Hammertone Painted 'retro' round hood is very nice. This hood is also special as it seems to be milled from brass and painted, heavier with a denser feel to it than the standard old alloy hood that was from the 35mm Summicron and Summilux of the 60s. 'LHSA' engravings on the Lens. Of course its the modern ASPH glass design, a very good lens.

This example is about as perfect as you could hope for. I've taken the items out and checked them, mounted the lens, advanced and fired the shutter. All above are in mint, looks 'Like New' condition, never a roll of film through them, never a strap attached. All smooth and precise in function. I don't see any marks on any of the items in the set.

Included are: Special Edition Leica MP Hammertone Camera Body, Hammertone Leicavit, 'retro' Chrome 35mm Summicron Lens, 60s style round Hammertone Lens Hood, chrome front lens cap and plastic rear cap, Lens Case, Chrome UV Filter, and Documentation, outer Silver Box, and inner red silk lined Black Presentation Box. The original camera strap has gone missing - sorry.

A very beautiful Leica Set - love the gray paint and chrome together - for use or collecting

Price: $10,500 Payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal, Shipping/insurance to be determined with location.