For sale is a lightly used black X1 that was purchased from Don Hutton of this forum. As described by Don, he put about 200 actuations on the shutter, and I have probably brought that number up to 500. As good and sharp as the X1 system is, I just don't find an opportunity to use it when the M9 fulfills most of my needs. It is truly in excellent condition, in black, and comes with all original accessories and box, including a Leica wrist strap and unused shoulder strap.

In addition, it includes:

1. Extra genuine Leica X1 battery (18706) (orig. $79)
2. Artisan and Artist Black Leather half case (orig. $179)
3. Genuine Leica X1 grip (18712) (orig. $110)
4. Genuine Leica X1 Ever-Ready Case in Grey (18710 -- does not include Viewfinder Pouch or any additional straps beyond what is mentioned above) (orig. $150)
5. Giottos Schott glass LCD cover (installed) (orig. $25)
6. Lens adapter tube for allowing the use of 49mm filters (orig. $20)
7. Leica X1 36 mm Viewfinder (18707 -- does not include Viewfinder Pouch). (orig. $349)

The Lightroom license has been used, so that is not available to the purchaser.

The retail price of this bundle is about $2900. I am asking for $1699 + shipping. I will absorb paypal fees.

Please see pictures below and email with questions. I apologize for the poor exposure but I learned a lesson about product photography in direct sunlight

Because of an unfortunate transaction in the last year, I will only ship this to the address associated with your paypal account. Local transactions in the Boston / Providence area are also welcome. I have sold here several times, as well as Fredmiranda and eBay under the same user name.

Finally, I apologize, but I will not split this package up.