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Thread: FS: ER Bill Sales: Leica M, XPan, 4/3, Please Read

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    FS: ER Bill Sales: Leica M, XPan, 4/3, Please Read

    Well, an ER bill with ~$4000 not covered by insurance so here goes. Paypal OK but please use "living expense" option because it is. Shipping via Priority Mail etc. at cost. Oversea via Express Mail. Thank you.

    All the glasses on the lens are clear, no scratch or fungus.

    My wife, bless her, said do not sell the back up XPan II or the Perar 28, and sell some stock instead. Can't ask for a better wife... So those two items are withdrawn. Sorry.

    Perar 28/4 Triplet. Serial #55. Includes the hard to find Skylight UV. It's not sold out yet from source, but you know it will. It works great on the M9 and is not the smallest M lens. $670 {WITHDRAWN SORRY }

    M9 "Street Shooter." It holds the M9 with smallest lens to your belt. Works great even with 50mm lens. $70.

    IR converted Olympus E-330. This was one of the first camera with good liveview with a second sensor purely for that function. ~7 Megapixels but the IR images make it quite sharp. Includes one battery. Works with all 4/3 (NOT Micro 4/3) lens. $150.

    A Leica Summicron 50mm R converted to XPan with RF coupling!! Sadly, the focus is only good to around 8 feet and then you must use the distance scale. It covers ~52mm of the pano frame at distance and of course covers the normal frame too... The mount adapter is removable (so other R lens can be used on the XPan) and the lens can be converted back to R function by SKGrimaes. The white tape just tells me not to turn the lens past the closest focusing point for the XPan $400.

    Hasselblad XPan II with the 45/4 lens. This is the lowest priced XPan II you will ever see. It's my back up body. It looks quite beat up, but takes great images. No problems with any function whatsoever. The strap shown is NOT included. (will throw in a generic strap) $1600

    Olympus 50-200 SWD. Everything works great. Includes box and caps. Works wonderfully on the E-3. Does NOT include the teleconverter shown on the images. $700.

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