For sale is a mint/mint- condition CV 58/1.4 lens in Nikon mount. A beautiful hunk of glass. Super sharp starting wide open, great bokeh and buttery-smoooooth focus (as in incredible). If looking for a nice smooth and sharp 50-60mm for that next or new high-res body, this would be on anyone short list.

Clean, clear, etc. Considered by many as the poor or practical person's Noct. Incl caps. The box MIGHT be here somewhere. If not, will ship in a Voigtlander 180mm APO Box I have here for some reason.

I've owned this lens twice already (once via adapter on Canon) and will undoubtedly own it again as is one of my faves, but it never hurts to change things up once and awhile and try something new.

Price is C$400 insured shipping by Canada Post normal post. Payment by PP or if in Canada, EMT. Will ship offshore, buyer pays difference in cost.

Check references here and on FM (as Conner999)