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The Profoto D1 Air 1000Ws 2-Monolight Studio Kit w/o Remote (90-120V & 200-240V) gives you a total of 2000Ws of Profoto digital lighting power, with color temperature and exposure consistency across the entire 7 f-stop power range (thanks to the dual mode SMPS capacitor charging technology). This kit also includes 2 light stands, 2 umbrellas, a sync cord and a studio kit case for storage and transport.

A built-in reflector controls stray light from the flash head, and it's designed for use with other reflectors, softboxes and umbrellas. Easy-to-use controls help you take advantage of the D1's fast recycling time (2 seconds @ full power), short flash duration (1/700 to 1/1800 sec. @ t0.5) and 1/10 f-stop precision exposure control. Air Remote Control not included.

Total 2000Ws
Color consistency of 40 degrees Kelvin from flash to flash
1/10 f/stop control
Output consistency of 1/50th of an f/stop
Flash duration as short as 1/1800th second
7 f-stop variability
Multi-voltage, from 90~120V and 200-240V without having to change the modeling light
300W quartz-halogen proportional modeling light

This sale includes everything as purchased new, including the heads, caps, stands, umbrellas, power cords, case, DVD manual, paperwork and original box.
An Air remote is NOT included in this sale!

Everything is in "Like New" condition and functions like new.

I am selling because I have other D1's and packs and heads and no longer need these.

**Buyer pays Paypal and Fedex Ground/Home Delivery shipping**

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