I have a used good condition Jacobson Sound Blimp for Canon. Also included is a tube to hold the 28-70mm (this can be used for other lenses as well. Very rare to come on the market used, Jacobson charges $1000.00 for a new box & $350.00 for the tube plus ship. This is an older unit but can be upgraded by Jacobson, however it can be used right away. My Nikon D3 fits inside, so I assume the 1D series Canon will be fine. This can also be used with a 5D or any cropped body. I will include a foam spacer. This has 1 button for firing the body, it has the T3 connection as well as the RS-80 cord. The tube has a Tiffen Professional series 9 filter. The box has it share of marks, but most pros wouldn't care, the foam is good but if you want it to look as new, you can put new foam in. I have a good source for foam. This can be changed over to Nikon, I have a cord that converts it, $20.00 for the cord.
This blimp is a staple for photographing movie, theater and perfect for shooting Pro Golf. I am using it also to shoot during wedding cermonies when they do not want to hear the shutter. $450.00 is shipped & PP USA ship only for this price.