I am down-sizing my Phase One kit to 4 or 5 primes lenses and selling some accessories as well. Payment via Paypal.

Phase One 150mm F2.8 D & 75-150mm D: Both lenses are in like-new condition and come with their inner and outer boxes, packaging, wraps, etc. I purchased them new and both have been barely used, mostly just some around the house shots. There are no marks or blemishes on the barrel or glass. Price is $2500 each plus actual shipping cost.

Phase One V-Grip: Also for sale is my V-Grip. I like how the DF feels with the V-Grip, but I actually don't use it. Most of my shooting is handheld and the V-Grip just doesn't make much sense for that. Also, I picked up the EIIJ batteries, so that totally rules out the possibility of the V-Grip. It comes with all its accessories, etc. It was also purchased new from a Phase One dealer. This is not the promo kit, so it does not come with the wireless receivers. Price is $800 plus actual shipping cost.

Mamiya 200mm F2.8 APO: This is one of my favorite lenses, but it's too heavy for me to walk around with. The camera bag has been weighing in 20-25 pounds, so I am selling the heavy lenses. Unfortunately, the 200mm APO is one of the offenders. The lens is in mint condition and comes with its box and paperwork. Price is $1000 plus actual shipping cost.

Mamiya 402 and 403 Extension Tubes: Both in mint condition. Sale includes just the tube, no caps. I do not have the boxes for these. Price is $120 each or $225 for the pair. Plus actual shipping cost.

Leaf Focus Screen with 1.25x Crop Markings: This was purchased new and fits the Mamiya / Phase One bodies. The screen has the crop lines etched for P30, P40, etc. I used this for a week or two, but didn't need it after upgrading to a P65. The focus screen is in like-new condition and comes with its box. Price is $125 plus actual shipping cost.