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Thread: Fuji GW670 III

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    Fuji GW670 III

    Putting a really great condition Fuji GW670 III for sale. I really don't shoot as much 6x7 as the other formats so now we must part ways. This would make a great medium format field camera, if a full manual 6x7 is your preference then look no further.

    Camera is in great condition. No scratches on the body, no bumps, dents, or cracks. Shutter speeds are spot on and so is the very bright and contrasty viewfinder. Focusing is smooth all the way and the hood slides and retracts without any problems. All functions work perfectly and has never let me down. The lens on this is one is quite sharp, the large prints made from this camera were great and the fine details held up very well.

    (if your wondering why the last 3 pictures look slightly different, its because I forgot to change the white balance to match the rest)

    $700 including paypal and shipping.

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    Re: Fuji GW670 III

    Bump. Feel free to make an offer.

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