For those who prefer a crisp normal lens this is the perfect point & shoot camera. Armed with a super sharp fixed 38mm f2.8 ASPH lens, it has such essential manual controls such as manual ISO, aperture priority mode, snap focus, exposure compensation, decent inbuilt flash (with various synch options), optional backlit LCD, etc., just think the Ricoh GR1v but with a normal lens.

Note this is a special edition limited to 8000 cameras and is only available in Japan. For more information on key features and specifications please see the Fujifilm Japan Klasse S website.

The one on offer is in excellent+ condition - and photos will follow shortly. The only issue which has zero effect on image quality or picture taking is that the small protective cover on the LCD is loose (a common issue) and there is two tiny spots of glue left from the previous owner's attempt at repair. Again these will be clearly reflected in the photos to follow. The kit includes the Fuji Klasse S, packaged in the original box with instructions (Japanese). Please note this does not include the strap, hood or pouch which were unavailable to me at the time of purchase.

These have recently been reduced from 85,150 to 44,900 - which converts to approximately USD565.
I'm asking AUD395 OBO (net)
Postage at cost.
Australian buyers - who are happy to wait an extra day due to restrictions will receive two free Kodak lithium batteries (Road Transport Only).

My reason for selling is that I have now paid for another lens for my rangefinder and need to balance the budget.