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Thread: FS Nikon 24mm f2 AIS

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    FS Nikon 24mm f2 AIS

    Putting my Nikon 24mm f2 AiS up for sale. The lens is in great shape, no marks, scratches, or haze in the glass. The body of the lens is in equally good condition as the glass. If you inspect very closely there is a tiny mark on the lens mount. Probably from bumping into the camera body when mounting. That's the only physical flaw I can find on this lens.

    The only equivalent wide angle lens I had to compare this against was a Canon 10-22 and this Nikon performed much better. Sure there was a difference of 2mm in the focal lengths but the difference in quality in the Nikon was noticeable.

    If the buyer is interested I can sell a Nikon F3 along with the lens.

    Asking $450

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    Re: FS Nikon 24mm f2 AIS

    Still available.

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