Looking to sell my boxed Olympus E-P3 to finance an upgrade. In excellent condition - no marks or scratches. Located in London - can meet up to test it out if you'd like, or will ship for 10 to UK mainland, 15 to elsewhere in the EU. For international shipment, will have to calculate based on where you are.

775 - Bundle - (body, lens, viewfinder, grip, batteries)

I'd be willing to split up the kit/accessories according to the following price schedule:
425 - Body
300 - 14-150mm M. ZUIKO Lens
100 - VF-2 External Viewfinder
20 - 2 Extra batteries and charger (wasabi power)
10 - Extra large grip

If you are interested and prefer to go through eBay then here's the item number (also to view feedback):
Boxed Silver Olympus PEN ( E-P3 / EP3 / EP-3 ) 14-150mm w/ VF-2 bats, grip (4545350036638) | eBay
Pictures are also on eBay.

I am also looking to sell my Panasonic 14mm and DMC-LW46 wide angle attachment paired with it. Would sell both for 200.