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Thread: Sale dispute

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    Sale dispute

    Accusation of Tony Raftis by OP concerning a sale dispute

    To be worked out between buyer and seller . Edited by Bob and Guy
    Last edited by Bob; 10th June 2012 at 12:41. Reason: possibly defamatory

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    re: Sale dispute

    From time to time disputes may develop between forum members.
    This forum takes no position on any claims one side or the other.
    Piling-on to a discussion such as this is not helpful usually.
    We encourage the parties involved communicate and seek resolution of the issues. Nothing can be done here as this forum plays no greater a part in these transactions than what a blackboard in a public place participates in what has been written upon it.
    I have deleted the posts.
    The original post contained an accusation from one forum member to another. If there is a resolution we would be happy to hear of it and will happily post that resolution assuming both parties agree that resolution has been reached.
    Please pursue that resolution vigorously and communicate with each other. Should that fail, there are authorities of appropriate jurisdiction that may be involved at your choice.
    Last edited by Bob; 10th June 2012 at 11:56.

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