I am selling the rare (1,000 copies made) chrome version of the lens. This is the rangefinder version of the much-praised Konica Hexar AF lens. It is in excellent condition. Focus is smooth, aperture clicks are clearly defined. No dust, fog, fungus, etc. and no scratches on glass nor barrel.

I bought this gem of a lens from Johan, who has written a nice blog article about it: Konica's screwmount L-Hexanon 35mm 2.0

Included is an LTM rear cap, generic hood, Konica front cap (with glued spring, though usable) and Nikon front cap. The R-D1 ist not included.

Price: 1000 including EU-wide shipping (no shipping outside EU - sorry)

For references feel free to check my ebay account (tralfamadoregalore).