Hi All,

*** First let me mention to please e-mail me at IRGdme "at" AOL "dot" Com for a speedier response, since PM's from my cell phone are difficult.

Although both D800's and D800E's are becoming more plentiful (and they are), if there is someone who has a need or waiting for a D800E (or possibly a back-up body) now, I wanted to pass along word of a close shooting aquantence of mine who has one that he (or will have me) pick up. It will therefore be an absolutely brand new never opened D800E USA warrentied body. They were committed to this 2nd body that they ordered but decided one D800E is sufficient at this time, and to stick with the with the rest of the systems they currently shoot with.

They are selling it for $3759 plus shipping (they also have to pay sales tax on their purchase) plus the usual Paypal fees. I have absolutely nothing to do with the price they set and was simply passing word of it's availability as a favor for someone who many times reciprocates. For those that can wait, I would definitely urge doing so instead of paying a premium. For those that have or desire a need for the D800E now, I am justing passing word of this opportunity.

****Again, please e-mail me at the e-mail address I mentioned at the top of this listing as opposed to a PM.


Dave (D&A)