I have a Hasselblad H2F (great upgrade path to the H4x) and two lenses that I am looking to sell as I am going to stick mainly with my Tech Cam and my Nikon kit.

I had originally purchased the Hassy with the thought that I would use this for my landscape and portraits only to find that I really enjoyed the total creative control of the Tech Cam for landscape and was not doing portraiture as much. I used the camera for all of two months and only shot 100 or so frames on this. The previous owner took excellent care of the body and sent it to Hassy for a once over before selling it to me.

The H2F comes with the body, the HV90x finder and the HC 80mm lens, The body is cosmetically a 7+ (small scratch on the finder near the switch for the built in flash and some wear on the battery grip) but functions perfectly. The HC 50mm is cosmetically a 9 and functions perfectly, and includes the lens hood. The HC 150mm is cosmetically an 8+ and functions perfectly, but is missing the lens hood.

I also have an HVD90x finder that I purchased with the thought that I would be making the upgrade to the H4x.

I am asking USD 6,500 for the entire kit and will ship to the CONUS insured with UPS.

I will be posting pictures by the end of the week.