I am going to list a Sony A900 and lenses on ebay soon in the UK, but thought I would see if there is any interest here first.

I am looking for 1100 for the body. I also have a beercan lens (150), Tamron 90mm macro (220), 28mm Sony Alpha lens (140) and Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 IF EX DG (400).

The lenses have caps except the Beercan which has no rear cap. The Tamron, Sony and Sigma lenses have original boxes, hoods and pouches for the Sigma and Tamron. The camera has all the original accessories and box. I have owned everything except the beercan from new and it is all in great shape.

Open to offers. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay under the name of mishima.y (over 400 transactions). Postage would be at cost and I accept Paypal or check. Or the stuff can be picked up locally in Sheffield.

I will post pictures if there is any interest. Thanks. Please also let me know if you think these prices are off.